About Us

Atlas Equipment Company (AEC) has been providing products and solutions for severe-duty pump applications in North America since 2005. AEC offers Lowest Total Cost solutions that cover a range of slurry applications, from a small-horsepower dewatering pump to large installations at some of the most prominent mineral processing sites in North America.

AEC maintains production facilities across Asia and North America to serve the North American slurry pump market. Assembly, testing, and final quality assurance takes place in our facilities in Seattle and Vancouver, WA.

Our team of people and resources have been serving the industrial pump markets since 1979 and we have the facilities and experience to solve the most complex application-issues that arise through design changes and process upsets. Together with our network of regional distributors and over 50,000 square feet of inventory in the Pacific Northwest, AEC always offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership solution.